In the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) of the DDR, functions broadly equivalent to those carried out by the MPs of the Nato armies, including patrol duties, traffic control and monitoring the behavious of troops, were performed by the Kommandantendienst (KD).


The task of the KD was to ensure the timely and secure movement of troops in addition to ensuring order and discipline. As with the MPs of most armies, a primary objective was traffic direction during major troop movements, maintaining convoy discipline and route signing.

KD personnel were identified by means of a white belt and cross-strap, and initially by a white band around the visor cap, though this was later altered to a white cover to the top of the cap.

When the steel helmet was worn, it featured a white painted band with, at the front, a yellow diamond bearing the black letters "KD".


An embroidered sleeve patch was also worn, showing a motorcycle with the letter "R" above ( for "Regulierer", or Regulator).


Military Police Sleeve Patch

As well as Regulators proper, other troops were often temporarily assigned to traffic control duties and also wore the sleeve patch as well as a red armband with a yellow disc bearing a black "R".


Regulierer Arm Band