Somewhat similar to the Bahnhofswache, the Zugwache were soldiers attached to security units, not in the railway stations however, but on the actual trains themselves.

Their duties involved maintaining order and discipline on trains as well as checking travel papers for deserters etc. On trains operating through the occupied territories they also provided additional protection against attack by partisans etc.

A member of the Zugwache about to board his assigned train. Note that the Gorget is the only identifying insignia.


Members of the Zugwache wore a special Gorget very similar to that used by the Bahnhofswache but with the scroll bearing the inscription “Zugwache” or “Zugwachabteilung”.
Only a single (Arabic) number was shown in the centre, the number allocated to the individual.


The Zugwachabteilung Gorget (Bill Shea)

A member of the Zugwache poses with a comrade from the R.A.D.


A special Ausweis was also carried by soldiers assigned to Zugwache duties, indicating their authority.

Ausweis for a member of the Zugwache