The Marineküstenpolizei (MKP) was formed in 1940 with a draft of personnel from the Wasserschutzpolizei (WSP), much in the same way as the Feldgendarmerie was originally formed with drafts of personnel from the civil Gendarmerie. The subjugation of a number of countries (Norway, France etc) with extensive coastlines meant that a naval equivalent of the Military Police would be needed.

Its areas of responsibility included the security of rivers and river mouths, protection of fisheries, controlling order and discipline of personnel onboard ships whilst in port and also of naval land units in coastal areas.

It was a very small branch however, and generally consisted of a small number of NCOs attached to the office of the local harbour commander (Hafenkommandant) rather than based in independent units with their own command structure like the Feldgendarmerie.

Members of the WSP who transferred to the MKP adopted naval ranks but with the suffix “der MKP”, thus a police Oberwachtmeister would become a
Feldwebel der MKP.

Again, as with the Feldgendarmerie where for an interim period, former civil police personnel could be seen wearing a mixture of both Gendarmerie and Army clothing, in the newly formed MKP many former WSP personnel wore their original police uniforms, often with the addition of the Kriegsmarine breast eagle.

An off-duty MKP NCO in typical mixed dress, with his original WSP tunic, to which has been added a Kriegsmarine breast eagle, combined with a regulation Kriegsmarine NCO visor cap.


Ultimately however, full naval uniform issue was adopted, with the soldiers special status indicated by the police style national emblem in golden-yellow thread on a dark blue backing on the left sleeve, and a special cuffband “Marine-Küstenpolizei” on the left cuff.

The Marine-Küstenpolizei cuffband.

When on duty, a special Gorget was worn. This was of the same shape as the Army Gorget but smaller, with the legend “Marine-Küsten-Polizei” in the centre and a naval button in each corner. The shield had a silver grey painted finish with the lettering and buttons finished with a luminous greenish-yellow paint.
The reverse has a hinged horizontal pin fitting allowing the Gorget to be pinned to the jacket, just below the breast eagle.

The Marine-Küstenpolizei Gorget.