Bahnhofswache were regular Wehrmacht troops who were assigned to duty in railway stations throughout Germany and the occupied territories. Their purpose was to maintain order and discipline, advise and direct soldiers moving through these stations, and check travel papers looking for deserters etc.


No special Waffenfarbe was assigned to these troops, who wore the uniform of their originating unit.


Special identifying insignia worn when on duty consisted of a special armband in yellow cotton with the word Bahnhofswache woven in black Gothic characters or a Gorget worn on a chain around the neck.

Bahnhofswache Armband

The gorget itself was identical in size and style to the Feldgendarmerie Gorget. The scroll however, bore the inscription “Bahnhofswache” with the buttons on the Feldgendarmerie Gorget being replaced by Wehrmacht style eagles. In the centre was a Roman numeral indicating the Wehrkreis (Military District) number over an Arabic number indicating the individual soldier.

A member of the Bahnhofswache wearing the special Gorget




A mixed group of Luftwaffe and Army Personnel on duty as Bahnhofswache troops.


Bahnhofswache Gorget (Courtesy Firma Helmut Weitze)